Consistently good sushi is hard to find.  I found that out when I left Pensacola and my beloved Ichiban.  It had only been open for about a year or so when I moved to Mobile and six years later I haven't found a replacement.  A friend of a friend said it best.  Paul said, "Ichiban has life changing sushi." Because if you ever met someone that says they don't like sushi, this is the place to take them.

Seafood Garden $11
I don't have many pictures for this particular blog because well, each time I've visited my phone has been out of batteries or my dinner companions and I have already dived into the food.  The only picture I have is of the seafood garden salad that I always order as an appetizer.  It's a great representation of the quality of Ichiban. It's seaweed salad, squid or octopus salad, and jelly fish salad on top of a bed of cucumbers.  There's usually shrimp and conch on top as well. There's a ponzo sauce drizzled over the top along with sriracha sauce on the plate as decoration.  It's absolutely delicious and always wet our appetites for more.

One of my favorite rolls is the Sinjiku Roll.  It has crab, salmon, smelt roe, avocado and creme cheese.  Then its rolled in a light tempura batter and deep fried.  It hits the spot every time.  During my last visit, I also tried the Red Diamond Roll.  It has tuna, yellow tail, green onion, tempura flake and red snapper on top.  I think they blow torch the red snapper a little bit so it has this slightly smoke flavor.  It's really distinctly and special. The sushi here is always consistent.  From the flavors to the freshness, nothing beats Ichiban for miles around.

Don't discount the food from the kitchen either. I've tried a number of item including the kal-bi, bento boxes and teriyaki and I haven't been disappointed yet.  If they had hibachi style dinners, I would probably never go anywhere else for Japanese food. I encourage everyone to give Ichiban a try.  If you go on the weekend though, be prepared to wait a little bit for tables.  It's not a very large restaurant and very popular.  The servers are always a very nice.  Lately, there have been times when it's slower than usual but on those occasions there was also a packed house.  I haven't gone very many times on the weekdays so I don't know if the quality wavers from the weekends.

Ichiban on UrbanspoonIf you want to check out the menu click here. Note: be sure to turn the volume off.  They have a commercial on the homepage that is rather loud.


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