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Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Fuzzy's claim to be my new taco addiction. No, really. It was right there on the sign promising me that very thing for months. After trying it out, I beg to differ.  Full disclosure though, I did try Fuzzy's out on opening day. I am going to cut it some slack; however several of my friends have tried Fuzzy's and they have reported back that not much has changed.
My friend wanted to order chips and queso but I convinced her to try the chicken nachos instead. I thought it's basically the chips and queso amped up. I was right. It's comes one a huge plate with chips piled high. There was the chicken, pico and queso. I thought there wasn't much of the chicken or the queso. Once you through the top layer, there basically was just chips left. There's not even any salsa you can use for the rest of it. You are left with a pile of chips with nothing to eat with it. #Fail

Both my friend and I choose the Mexican dinner combo. You get your choice of one taco, one enchilad…

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