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Mary's Southern Cooking

There's a saying above the front door at Mary's Southern Cooking. It says "the smaller the place, the bigger the taste." In my food adventures, I have found that to be true and I have added Mary's to the list.
Mary's is a cafeteria-style, meat-and-three restaurant. It offers a selection of meats that range from fried fish to lasagna, pork chops and even chitterlings depending on the day. If you think the meat selection is big, the vegetable or the "three" portion is just as large. On this day, I saw everything from corn on the cob to stuffing to greens and mac and cheese.

I walked in the door and straight up bypassed the chalkboard menu near the door. I was drawn to all the food on display! I was surprised to be greeted by the owner, Mary Smith, herself. I like that the owner was working the line. If you are a regular reader, I have mentioned a time or two about my fondness for mom and pop shops. I love spending my money at local businesses. Ms. Mary …

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