Ashland Pub

There's so many lunch/dinner spots to choose from in Midtown Mobile.  Whether you're in the mood for a burger or pizza, seafood or pasta there's a restaurant to satisfy your hunger.  OR, you can just go to Ashland pub and get it all taken care of.

Located around the Florida Street area, this little place has to compete with a lot of restaurants including a trendy wine bar, a fast food seafood restaurant and a place that reportedly serve killer burgers.  However, I believe Ashland Pub can hold its own.

Crawfish and Red Pepper Dip $8.25

For my first visit, a friend and I decided to go to lunch on a Saturday. We arrived right after it opened at about 11:00am.  There was no one in the restaurant and the cook was hanging out at the bar.  After a few minutes, the cook walks up to our table and tells us it seems the server was busy and can he get us something to drink.  Teamwork, that's a nice start.  We put in our order and look over the menu.

 The thing that catch my eye is the crawfish and red pepper dip.  I thought what the heck, I'm pretty hungry let's go for it.  It took what seems like a long time to get out but it was well worth it. The dish was absolutely huge.  More than enough to serve as an appetizer for 4 -6 people.  I love that the pub offers a stack of toasted bread to go with it.  I hate when a restaurant gives me this huge plate of dip with four toast points.  The dip has a great consistency.  You can see and taste the bits of crawfish and red pepper.  Very good, but be careful not to burn the roof of your mouth.  I believe its finished off in the pizza oven so it's extremely hot. How good do I think it was? I need to find a way to duplicate!

White BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Looking over the menu and the daily specials, a sandwich caught my eye.  It was a white BBQ chicken sandwich that came with chicken breast, caramelized onions, bacon and a special sauce. I thought I give it a go.  It's a pretty good size sandwich that packs a lot of flavor.  Each flavor is very distinctive.  You could taste the saltiness of the bacon, the sweetness of the onions, the juiciness of the chicken.  The sauce is just awesome, if a little sweet.  A bag of potato chips came as the side.  It would be a great fulfilling lunch for anybody.

Chicken Angel Hair $9.75 lunch portion
My friend, Jessica, decided to have the Chicken Angel Hair.  It's chicken, spinach and mushroom with a white wine sauce.  We decided to split our meals in order to sample both dishes.  Unfortunately, I waited to eat the pasta second.  By the time I had a bite it was room temperature heading to cold.  I cannot stand a white sauce not warm so I just took a bite of the chicken and mushroom and thought it was really good. The portion size was huge as well.  It looks very rustic and homemade.  I was able to put some of it away and heated it up later.  It held together very well and had the same great taste.

It's really quite small.  There's about room for maybe 30 - 45.  Not really ideal for large families with babies because the majority of the seating is high tables.  Although, I did see a bunch of ladies make it work.  One lady just pushed the stroller right up to the table. The outside seating consist of two tables on a narrow strip of cement next to the parking spaces.  So close in fact, if you fall out of the chair you're liable to land on a car.

The walls are painted a muted green with paintings hanging from them.  It looks like those painted for the painting party places that recently became so popular.  I believe the owner was waiting on us and he was super nice. He kept us entertained while there was no one else in the restaurant.  All in all, a great new find in Midtown.

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