Lambert's Cafe

Talk about a detour!  My brother and I were on the way to Pensacola from Mobile when I jokingly suggested going to Lambert's Cafe in Foley for lunch.  T didn't hesitate and quickly veered off the interstate down Highway 59.  If you haven't been to Lambert's, it is quite the experience.  I suggest you come hungry and be ready for a good time.

Lambert's is known as "home of the throwned rolls" and they are not kidding. I've seen them lob one from across the restaurant right into the hands of a hungry patron.  I've also seen them throw one and the patron didn't quite catch it hitting him/her in the face, shoulder, chest.. you get the point.  It's quite entertaining.  Since I can't catch, I usually wait until the roll guy is next to my table and ask for one.  They will still make you catch it but at least it's from a foot instead of 15.  The rolls are also quite delicious and positively huge!  

Another unique feature of Lambert's are the pass-arounds. I don't remember them all but I believe fried okra, apple butter, molasses, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes and boiled cabbage.  Lambert's has people with bowls/pans of the stuff asking if you would like some.  Obviously, you can't take them all off the bat but I usually munch on the rolls and fried okra; which I usually eat off of a napkin.  I try to get the apple butter or molasses to go with my rolls.  The apple butter is so good.  It's apples and what taste like brown sugar cooked down to the consistency of apple sauce.  I'm going to be honest the only other pass around I typically eat is the fried potatoes.  The boiled cabbage and mac & tomatoes just doesn't appeal to me as much.

Chicken Pot Pie $11.99
I was torn over what to get.  I love their meat loaf and chicken & dumplings.  My waiter suggested the Chicken Pot Pie over both of those dishes.  I decided to go with his choice because you can't go wrong with chicken pot pie.  It sure did hit the spot.  The crust is amazing.  It's crunchy and buttery.  I would crack them into pieces and dunk in the sauce before devouring it.  The pot pie has a huge chunks of chicken, peas and carrots in a creamy sauce.  It's so good and huge.  I only scratched the surface of the two sides that came with the meal.  The rolls and okra I had earlier probably didn't help either. 

Hog Jowl
T has been craving the Hog Jowl.  The description on the menu is no good.  It says something like deep fried pieces of jowl.  What the heck is jowl?  What it should say it deep fried pieces of heaven.  It's thickly cut sides of pork belly, a.k.a bacon that's been fried.  I don't know how they do it but it's not like what you would be able to make at home.  The jowl is crispy but has a tender quality to it.  There's a lot more meat versus fat to the strips so that could be it. The Hog Jowl comes with corn bread and two sides.  Get something fresh to balance out the fattiness, you will thank me later.  Try the pineapple and walnut salad if you get the chance.  It's delicious.

Lambert's is my favorite place to go to in Foley.  I really can't get enough of the country style cooking and it's typically a very fun experience.  The wait staff is usually very nice and my waiter this time around was hilarious.  Be sure to bring cash or credit when you go though because they don't accept credit cards.  To check out Lambert's website, click here.    

  • Lambert's doesn't have an Urbanspoon page.  I thought that was unusual.
  • I just heard about this Nepalese restaurant: Yak the Kathmandu Kitchen on Dauphin Street.  I was wondering if anyone tried it.  Please let me know on the Facebook page (link is on the bar).
  • I attempted to go to The Tin Cow in Pensacola and was thwarted by the gallery night crowd.  Then I tried to go to Another Broken Egg Cafe also in Pensacola and the gps couldn't find it.  Better luck next time, I guess.  


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