Jerusalem Cafe

Finally, a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves more than gyros and hummus.  Jerusalem Cafe is very unassuming. Don't let the run down facade of the shopping center fool you, this place is first class.  The menu offers a wide array of dishes ranging from your baba ganush to a delicious stuffed pastry dish. Not to say you can't get a good gyro here, there's just more to choose from.

Since it does offer the traditional hummus, I decided to get the appetizer combo.  At about $10, it was a big plate.  It could easily serve as an appetizer for 4 people.The baba ganush and the hummus wasn't as thick as other restaurants. It was served with warm olive oil and I wished the chili sauce that came with it was a little more spicy though.  The falafel was much different than others I've had.  Instead of a dense ball of chickpea, it was a much lighter batter.  I wouldn't mind it packed into pita with some cucumber yogurt sauce.
The tabouli confused me though.
It's a mixture of herbs (parsley and mint), lemon juice, and onion. I didn't know if I was suppose to eat it by itself or top off my hummus with it. The stuffed grape leaves were stuffed with rice. The texture and flavors were amazing.

As part of our meal, we could choose between a Greek salad and a lentil soup. My friend had the lentil soup and I had the salad. According to my friend, it tasted like lentils blended with not enough salt or seasoning. The salad was very good.  There was a citrus vinaigrette that delicious.

My friend ordered the moussaka.  Traditionally, it's a potato based dish that has eggplant and minced meat.  A bechemal sauce help bind all the ingredients together.  This version was much heavier on the meat portion than the vegetables.  It was also very rich.

It came with a vegetable medley and saffron rice.  Both were good but nothing I couldn't make at home.

This particular dish really impressed me.  It's a chicken breast stuffed in a phyllo dough with vegetables.  It is amazing.  There a big punch of flavor.  The dough is very flaky and some of the sauce sticks on it so it's very good.  The chicken inside is very tender.  The vegetables taste like their the same as what's served on the side, which was kind of redundant.  This is one of those dishes I want to duplicate at home if I could.  But since I can't, I will be coming back for another round.

Jerusalem Cafe also has Sunday buffet that I heard is really good. There's so much to choose from the menu that's it's hard on decide so this could be a good option.

Overall, my experience at Jerusalem Cafe was a good one.  I can't wait to go back and try more of the food. 
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