Dreamland BBQ

For many people in the Mobile area, barbeque means Dreamland.  This barbeque pit churns out everything from ribs to chicken, pork butts to sausage.  All smothered in a tangy barbeque sauce that's sure to wake up your taste buds. For lunch or dinner, the menu is the same but be sure to know exactly what you're capable of.. or you'll end up with plenty to take home.

Ribs is what most people think of when they think bar-b-que and Dreamland have some of the biggest I've ever seen.  This is actually the rib sandwich order ($7.25) which comes with 4 ribs.  The bread was served on the side.  The meat was a little dry but the seasoning was good.

One of my favorite menu items from Dreamland is the half bird, which is a smoked.  At just  under $8, it's definitely worth it. The skin is my absolutely favorite part.  The meat is also so very good and juicy. Because the chicken was smoked still on the bone, there is just an amazing amount of flavor.  Do not be alarmed if the meat is still a little pink.  It's cooked through but because of the process it does retain some of that pinkness.    If you go between 11-noon, you're guaranteed a fresh bird.  If not, just ask the waitress for a fresh bird and they'll be more than happy to pull one off the spit for you.   I brought more than half of the portion home with me.  I plan to turn it into a smoked chicken salad that is sure to be delicious.

For the first time since eating at Dreamland, I noticed that they are now serving a variety of appetizers.  One thing jumped out at me and it was the barbeque nachos ($7.95).  I've seen this dish on a number of other barbeque places and thought it's time to try it out.  The nachos comes with an option of pork or chicken.  I went with the pork, because Dreamland makes a mean pork sandwich.  However, I was extremely disappointed.  It was nothing more than some stale chips, some under seasoned (probably a day old) pork, nacho sauce and barbeque sauce drizzled on top.  The cheese and meat were both a tad cold. Next time, I'll just skip the appetizer and head straight for the entree thank you very much.

If you're a sweet tea fan, be sure to order a cup at Dreamland.  It's a great balance, not too sweet and not bland.

The service is always great here as well. Everyone is really nice, even the big guy manning the barbeque pit right inside the dining area.  Dreamland is a great place if you're craving some tangy barbeque.

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