Big Time Diner

Fried Green Tomatoes
This is the place to go if you're looking for some down home country cooking. From the roast beef to fish fillets and even fried green tomatoes, this place churns out food you can find in your grandma's kitchen.  There are a few exceptions like the gumbo and philly cheese steak but otherwise it's really good diner fare.

Chili Fries
The prices aren't bad either.  For about $10, you can get a blue plate special with a meat selection, three vegetables and cornbread or a roll.  The rest of the food is about $8.  It's very reasonable for lunch or dinner.

There were about five appetizers available and none were over $5.  We had the Chili Fries and Fried Green Tomatoes. The fries came out hot and just smothered in chili and cheese. The fried green tomatoes were decent.  BTD does the typical egg, flour, egg, bread crumbs method. I like the tempura battered version more.  It's a matter of preference.  But, it was nice and crispy.

Chili Cheese Dog
The chili cheese dog is massive; it's your typical size hot dog but it's just smothered in toppings.  It's definitely one of those hot dogs you have to eat with a fork and knife. I don't know if this was the best deal though.  Keep in mind, the picture to the right is of the "open side." Behind that is all white plate.  Although good, I don't think it would satisfy anyone with a "healthy" appetite.
Philly Cheese steak
Apparently, one of the best sellers is the Philly Cheese steak sandwich.  When it first got to the table, I noticed the bun basically overwhelmed the meat.  I had reservations as to whether there was enough meat for the entire sandwich.  No cause for worry.  The meat, onions and peppers are so well flavored a little bit goes a long way.  Everything was perfectly balanced in this sandwich.  I thought the hoagie could have been toasted a little bit more though.  The juices from the meat eventually made the hoagie soggy and I can't stand that texture.

Hot Roast Beef & Gravy
I had the Hot Roast Beef and Gravy Sandwich.  I also happen to love mac & cheese so I ordered that as a side($1.50).  The sandwich was huge.  There several thick slices of roast beef on top of the hoagie. Some gravy was pour on the sandwich but the majority seem to be on the plate instead.  As I mention, eventually this made my hoagie soggy and I was unable to enjoy it as throughly.  I did end up eating about 2/3 of the sandwich before it happened.  As for the rest, I just ate the delicious meat.

The mac and cheese looked as if it was baked.  I thought the pasta was a little too overcooked.  It also needed some more salt and pepper, but it was very cheesy.

Overall, Big Time Diner was everything I thought it would be.  I love the 50s theme decor and our waitress was very nice.  It didn't hurt that she knew my brother.  From the looks at how busy it was, I could assume that Big Time Diner enjoys a good lunch crowd and many are repeat customers. There's a few items on the menu I would like to try out the next time I go especially the shakes.  I've always love a good ice cream parlor style shake and these might just hit the spot.
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This is the best picture I have of the menu.  I didn't see a website for Big Time Diner.


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