Three Flavors

A restaurant with an interesting "personality" to say the least. According to the sign,  Three Flavors serves Thai, Japanese and Sushi.  When it first opened, there was Mexican thrown into the mix but the restaurant seems to be more focused on Asian cuisine as it moved farther along.

The menu was very expansive.  There was everything from Vietnamese Pho, Thai Green Curry, Larb, Ramen, Lo Mein and a number of stir fries and etc.  Three flavors offers a great deal for lunch.  For under $9, you can get a springroll, "mushroom" soup, rice and an entree. 

The springroll has a lot of veggies in it and seemed fresh enough.  The mushroom soup was good, but nothing outstanding.  It tastes like your basic chicken broth with a few slices of mushroom floating around.  Then add a little green onion and tempera flakes, it's ready to serve.

Beef Pad Thai
I have been looking for an outstanding Pad Thai for years since my favorite restaurant in Pensacola shut down and unfortunately, I'm still looking. There was a three star rating on the menu for spiciness.  I told the waitress I like it really hot and she put me down for four stars. When I actually got the dish, there was little to no spice in it at all. And, I could tell it's missing a key component, fish sauce.  I asked for some chilli peppers and fish sauce. Moments later, the waitress comes back with a bottle of srichacha and a little dish of fish sauce.  I was surprised because being a Thai restaurant I thought for sure there would be Thai chili peppers used in the cooking.  After dumping both the fish sauce and some srichacha on the pad thai, I thought it was palatable.  The noodles was a little too greasy though.
Pork Teriyaki

I also had a chance to sample the pork teriyaki from the lunch menu.  I have to say the sauce was very good.  Everything was cooked very well. While the meat and vegetables were good, the rice seemed to be a little old and therefore, hard.  The waitress was very nice when we asked for another bowl and it was slightly better.

Thai Chicken Salad
I also order the Thai Beef Salad as an appetizer, but when it came to the table we noticed something wasn't right. Instead of beef, I was given the Thai Chicken Salad.  When I asked the waitress, she told me the chicken salad is the more popular item and she assumed that's what I wanted. However, I distinctly remember ordering the Thai BEEF Salad because I wanted to try it out. I wasn't so upset, just disappointed.  The chicken salad was very good.  It's has a lot of the same components of a ceviche.  Although, there was some sort of seeds or little flakes on the entire plate that was hard to chew on.  

I didn't get a chance to sample any of the sushi available, but I did notice one thing.  The prices are good deal higher at Three Flavors than other sushi restaurants.  Rolls that run about 5 bucks in Mobile is about 7 to 8 dollars in here.  I wonder how much of that has to do with it being the only game on that side of town.

Thai Tea
In the end, I think the folks at Three Flavors managed to take dishes that many Americans love and bring it back to the roots. I was a little disappointed that the punch of flavor in the pad thai and teriyaki was not completely there.  While good, it's not memorable.  I did like the delicious Thai Tea and Chicken Salad.  Will I try it again? Possibly.  Only next time, I'll be sure to bring my own chili peppers to spice things up.

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