Hibachi Express

Love hibachi but am tired of watching the same old routine from teppanyaki chefs? This is the place for you.  Hibachi Express serves huge portions at low prices.  However, some sacrifices had to be made to make this popular style of cuisine into somewhat of a fast food experience.

For an appetizer, I decided on the Asian dumplings. Six dumplings comes in an order for $3.99.  These has got to be the best dumplings I had in a long time.  When dumplings are fried, they could become very dry and if left out long afterwards it would get that nasty oily taste.
Not these.  I believe they're pan fried to order and comes with a nice side of soy sauce.  When I bit into one, there was actual juices still present. The dumplings looks to be stuffed with just a pork mixture and some seasoning.  It was very flavorful and delicious.

Steak & Scallops
I had the Surf & Turf comb with steak and scallops ($9.99).  When I got the meal, I was really surprised over the amount of food on the plate. There was plenty of small size scallops, a good portion of steak, lots of stirred fried vegetables and it was all served on top of some fried rice.  The meal also came with some spicy mayonnaise sauce.

I thought I ordered a Steak & Chicken combo for my brother, but they brought out a Steak & Shrimp.  I didn't make a big fuss and went ahead and took what they gave me. But maybe if the cashier wasn't talking to the runners while taking my order, he could have heard me correctly.

Steak and Shrimp
The seafood in both entrees were really good.  The scallops were on the small side but the shear amount of them made up the difference.  The shrimp was also very fresh and good size.  Both were cooked correctly, not overdone or over seasoned.  The stirred fried vegetables were also cooked really well.  It consisted of mainly cabbage, some broccoli, mushrooms and onions.  Everything still had a bite to it.  I added a little soy sauce over the top but that's just a matter of preference.  Then I noticed, some of the ways Hibachi Express could keep cost down.  First, I think the word "steak" on the menu is a little misleading.  I think "beef" would have been more accurate. It's not a piece of t-bone, rib eye that you're getting with your meal, but rather sliced up rump or chuck roast. After a couple bites, you can tell the tenderness is not there, nor is the flavor of a good marbled piece of steak.  The fried rice that comes with the meal is very basic.  There is no vegetables or eggs mixed in. It looks to be just rice and soy sauce.  Also, I don't think it's fried to order. It would not surprise me if a big batch is already made up, then when an order comes in the cooks dish up a portion, refry it real quick to heat back up and serve.  Some of my fried rice was cold and clumpy; that's how I figure it out.

As for the ambiance, it more fast food restaurant than anything else.  There's a counter where you order your food, then someone brings it out to your table.  The system there is a little weird.  There's no number or anything.  The workers are suppose to remember what you order and bring you out the dish.  I saw one guy go to three different tables trying to get the food to the right person.

There's this massive print of bamboo on one wall.  Paired with the paint, the whole place has this neon disco feel.  The majority of the tables are two or four tops with about 5 booths thrown in there.  But the booths weren't bolted down.  I slipped and slid  as I was getting in and out.

Below is a picture of the menu.  I would suggest if you do try this place out and get a Hibachi meal, go for the half order or get the full order, only if you want leftovers.  There's plenty of food on a half order to satisfy even the biggest of appetites.Would I try Hibachi Express again? If I wanted a quick meal and craving some "hibachi" scallops, I sure will.  I wouldn't get any of the "steak" entr√©es though.

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