Sometimes the best thing about vacation is having time to spend with family and friends.  I got together with one of my good friends and her daughter for lunch at Dumbwaiter in Mobile.

New South Brussel Sprouts $9
I am told one of Dumbwaiter's signature dishes is the roasted brussel sprouts.  They are split and roasted then topped with sliced red onion, bacon confit and a balsamic glaze.  I can see why it was so popular.  It was really good.  The only downside my friend apparently doesn't like brussel sprouts.  I ended up eating just about all of it and the balsamic vinegar overwhelmed my taste buds after I gobbled up half of the dish.  I don't regret it though.  Next time, I need more people that like brussel sprouts to share the "small plate." 

Beef Tournedoes $16
There was a lot of items on the menu that sounded delicious.  I settled on the beef tournedoes.  It is beef with grilled onions, blue cheese and asparagus in a port demi sauce.  It was delicious but I just wish there was more of it.  The grilled onion ring you see there is slightly bigger than your index finger and thumb almost touching.  Note: I have small hands.  That means that is about a 3 oz piece of beef on top.  For $16, I was expecting at least double the amount.  I was still hungry after I finished this dish.

Chef Chris' Shrimp and Grits $15.5
My other choice was the shrimp and grits but alas my friend decided to order it.  She knows me well and doesn't mind sharing her lunch.  It is your basic shrimp and grits with an Andouille and Conecuh sausage sauce.  The shrimps were nice and plump.  It was cooked so it was still juicy.  The grits were very creamy and rich. I felt like it was cooked for a very long time. The issue I had with this dish was the sauce. It was too salty.  If there was less of the sauce, it could have been better but as is I did not like it.  There was also a tartness to it that I could not place.  Now, I am wondering if it was the balsamic vinegar from the brussel sprouts that left that taste in my mouth.

Tomato Risotto (side) $5
My friend is a big believer in scoping out restaurants online to see what's the best dishes a restaurant has to offer.  She apparently saw a lot of people raving about the tomato risotto.  It reminded me a lot of soggy jambalaya.  I only had a few spoonfuls.  My friend brought the rest home for dinner.

Dumbwaiter Burger $10.50
I ordered the Dumbwaiter Burger to-go for my brother.  It's a burger patty with bacon confeit, pimento cheese and the rest of the fixins'.  It came with fries. My brother really enjoyed it.  He especially liked the pimento cheese and bacon confeit.  It definitely made this burger unique.

Dumbwaiter has a great atmosphere.  It is more long than wide but there's plenty of space for diners. The waitress was nice and knowledgeable.  We had a little one with us and the waitress tried to cater to her as well.

To check out Dumbwaiter's website, click here.

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