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Living along Mobile Bay, there are plenty of places to explore.  On a recent staycation, I went to Fairhope for the day.  It is a quaint town on the bay that I enjoy exploring.  I met up with an old friend and his wife for lunch.  They are quite the foodies and know their town well.  While discussing where to have lunch, we decided to try somewhere new to all of us: Dragonfly Foodbar.

As always I can not resist ordering some type of appetizer.  I decided on the langouste nachos.  I believe that is a fancy term for a prawn.  It is served on fried wonton sheels and topped with arugula, a sriracha sauce and a while sauce.  The langouste was served cold which surprised me but it worked.  There was still a good bite to the meat, instead of any mushiness.  The arugula gave it a fresh taste.  The bitterness also balanced the creaminess of the white sauce and the slightly greasy feel of the fried wontons.  My friends and I really enjoyed the nachos.  I personally good have had these nachos as my entire lunch. 

Dragonfly is actually known for its tacos.  The tacos are a la cart.  The tacos are about $3 a piece and goes slightly up from there.  Dragonfly has a few staples and then a couple of specials everyday.

I had the braised pork tacos. The pork on top was a little cold but the filling on the bottom wasn't. I don't know if that was intentional but it worked. I was expecting a bit more of a kick to it though because of the habanero. All in all a good taco.  I would like to come back and try a few of their other tacos. 

One of my lunch companions ordered the langouste taco.  Jackie said it tasted like air.  It looked like fried shrimp balls topped with a bbq like sauce.  She savored every single bite.  

Her husband, Larry, decided to get the special of the day: a fried oyster taco.  He thought it had a nice ratio of oyster to slaw.  Larry said it help cut the greasiness of the fried oysters. He said it was delicious.

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