Sugar Rush Donuts

One of my coworkers brought us a treat on Friday and what a treat it was. She brought a variety of Sugar Rush donuts and I wanted to eat them all. 

I decided to go for the big guns right at the start.  I went straight for the Conecuh sausage donut.  For those who don't know, Conecuh sausage is the king of sausages in the south. The doughnut itself is traditional. It's a batter deep fried until it's light and fluffy then glazed. The donut is sliced in half and inside is the sausage. If you like sweet and salty this is simple heaven in every bite.  I would never have thought to put the two together.

Several hours had passed before the Siren's call of the box of donuts lured me back.  I did not want to over indulge so I asked if my friend would split 2 of the donuts with me.  My coworker had been raving about the red velvet and I heard a lot about the maple bacon donut. Those are the two we chose to split. O - M - G. The red velvet donut was amazing. It was much more like a cake.  The cream cheese icing on top was oh so good.  The the maple bacon donut was just as good.  It also have that sweet and savory thing going for it but the donut was also cake-like. 

I don't say this often but I'm kicking myself for not trying Sugar Rush earlier.  But then again, it might be a good thing that I didn't or I would be just as addicted as my friends. I'm told the donuts run about $2 to $3 a piece.  

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