Rodizio Grill

Brazilian steakhouses are increasingly becoming more popular across the nation.  From what I understand, it's suppose to serve up an array of roasted meats with an endless supply of appetizers and sides.  Up until recently, Brazilian steakhouses had not quite made it to my neck of the woods.  It all changed when Rodizio Grill opened in Pensacola.  

One my friends recommended I go to Rodizio Grill for lunch instead of dinner. The prices are drastically different and she said the food appears to be the same.  I took her advice and went for lunch on a Friday.  Rodizio is located in the old Zea's building between Gregory and Chase Streets.  By the looks of things, they didn't change much of the decor besides put up some new paintings.  My brother and I decided to go for the"full Rodizo," which consist of unlimited appetizers, salads and full array of meat for $16.99.  You're given something that looks like a jigger (see picture) with red on one side and green on the other.  The green signals to the gauchos to bring on the meat, the red means you want to take a break and if you put it to the side that means you're done with your meal.

We started off the meal with a trio of appetizers; fried polenta, fried bananas and cheesy bread.  I really liked the polenta and cheesy bread was awesome.  They appeared to be stuffed with cheese instead of smothered in cheese.  I did order seconds of that.  I thought the fried bananas were a little too sweet to start a meal. 

Then came the salad bar.  It was an array of hot and cold dishes.  I wasn't impressed with the hot dishes.  There was a couple of sides like mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, pasta alfredo and a few other things but I mainly steered clear of that.  The cold dishes were very good though.  I dabbled in a lot of it.  There was everything from a chicken yogurt salad, shrimp salad, deli meats and cheese, spring mix with strawberry salad, a pretty awesome coleslaw, a beet salad and much more.  There was also garlic toast and soups but I didn't get a chance to get to those.  I can see why some people would choose to go this route instead of the full Rodizio.  It can be a very fulfilling meal.

Top Sirloin, Pork Sausage and Tri-tip Sirloin
I am very much a carnivore and was a little apprehensive about the quality of meats available.  My worries were for nothing.  Rodizio really serves up some high quality stuff.  I really enjoyed the top sirloin and tri tip sirloin.  You can choose from medium rare to well and the gauchos will cut off the perfect piece for you.  Don't hesitate to ask for more either.  My brother and I asked for more servings of the top sirloin and they didn't give us the ugly eye.
Chicken hearts, sweet and spicy chicken and another steak
If you don't like to eat beef, there are other options.  I was surprised when a gaucho came by with, get this, grilled chicken hearts.  Talk about something I didn't expect.  I eat chicken hearts at home at lot but I've never seen it out and about.  There is definitely a bit of a crunch to it.  Be sure to get a piece of lime to squeeze over the chicken heart, it's makes it that much better.  The spicy and sweet chicken was also very good.  The sauce is a cross between a regular tangy buffalo sauce and a sweet chili sauce.  It reminds a lot of an Asian flavored wing sauce.  The only thing I really didn't enjoy was the bacon wrapped turkey.  I know, I know.. how can anything wrapped in bacon be bad?  I just found the turkey to be a little dry and bland. Of about 15 different meat options on the menu, I saw 8 to 10 of them during lunch.  We were there about an hour and a half total.  During that time. there was a little bit of a lag at the beginning and a short little lag in the middle of service.  I was told, they were waiting for the meats to finish cooking to bring it out. 

Rodizio Grill on UrbanspoonRodizio Grill is someplace you've got to try at least once.  It's one of those eating experiences that is nice to say oh, I've tried that.  My friends who are more carb lovers were not impressed.  I would also suggest first-timers to go for the lunch and do opt for the "full Rodizio."  If you want to check out Rodizio Grill's menu, click here.


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