Mellow Mushroom

Updated Post: 8/10/12
Mellow Mushroom rolled out a new menu recently.  It looks like a lot of the specials made it onto the permanent menu.  There's this Holy Shitake Pie that was very delicious.  I didn't think to take a picture but the next time I go I will snap some photos.  The really big change I saw was the prices.  Everything went up. Not a lot mind you, but enough to make a difference.  The small salads are about $5.00 and the small pizzas start at $11 bucks.

Original Post: 6/29/12
My Mellow Mushroom is the one located on University Boulevard and Old Shell Road.  I started going when the family moved to Mobile seven years ago and haven't stopped since.  At first, it was because it was so convenient and then I learn other places just can't compare with MM's awesome crust.  However, the pizza is not the only reason why I love Mellow Mushroom.

Small Greek Salad
Since that very first day, I've been hooked on MM's Greek Salad.  There's nothing really special about the salad.  I just like the mix of greens, mushroom, banana peppers and feta.  The Greek dressing is creamy but tangy and goes perfectly with all the components. I typically get a small for less that $4 and it's plenty for a meal.  I usually split it with my baby brother; which is perfect for an appetizer.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Another favorite item on the menu is the spinach artichoke dip.  Unlike other restaurants, you can actually taste the artichoke pieces and not just spinach.  It's a nice and hefty dip that's sure to break your average tortilla chip.  I figure that's why MM serves it up with toasted french bread.  I'm telling you; if you're not sharing this dip don't bother ordering an entree.  It's huge.  It's not uncommon for me to order this and the Greek salad and be set for lunch.

Muffaletta Cheese Bread

On my most recent visit, I decided to switch it up. Instead of the norm, I went out on the limb and ordered the Muffaletta Cheese Bread.  I honestly hope they keep this and the muffaletta hoagie on the menu.  It's just so different.  The olive tapanade is tangy and breaks up the richness of the cheese.  There's a lot of it too.  MM basically slice a 12 inch hoagie and then pile on the tapanade and cheese and slide it under a broiler.  If you like olives, this is the thing for you.

I have tried a number of MM's hoagies and have not been disappointed with any including the tempeh.  I'm not vegetarian and still finds that to be very good.  The calzones are darn good too.  One is big enough to feed three people or I guess a lumberjack with a huge appetite.  My only problem with calzones in the past is that sometimes the dough is not cooked all the way through.  I was assured it's vegen and perfectly safe to eat but it's the gummy texture that always get me.  I hasn't deterred me from ordering calzones yet.  I just slice into the ends and give it a look see to make sure it's completely cooked.  That way I can send it back and get it cooked just a little longer if it's not to my liking.

Time to get to the nitty gritty; the pizza.  I was very impressed that MM has so many different bases for the pizza aside from the regular red sauce.  I've tried quite a few and have not run across one that I haven't loved.  Two of my favorites is the Funky Q and the Buffalo Chicken.  What's so great is that MM can combine pizzas as long as the base is the same.  The two pictured didn't have the same base but apparently it's not difficult to make a small pizza half and half.  Love the flavors but I'm always more excited about eating the crust with some extra parmasan cheese sprinkled on top.  If you are a meat lover, get the Mighty Meaty and you're set.

Mellow Mushroom on UrbanspoonMellow Mushroom is a franchise so the menu can differ from location to location.  For a general impression of what you can get click here.  Don't quote me but I believe everything is under $10 except for the pizzas.  The small typically starts at $10 and goes up from there.


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