Momma's Mojo Cafe & Deli - Closed

Momma's Mojo is one of those places I've been dying to try.  I've heard about it for a while and placed it on my "wishlist." It's pretty far out of the way so it took a while to actually make it out to McFarland Rd. It's a relatively small place that kind of reminds me of a Subway but with Cuban food.

Cuban Sandwich
I figured I had to try to Cuban sandwich if I'm in a Cuban restaurant.   It consist of what they're calling Cuban bread pressed then topped with ham, mojo pork, swiss cheese, dill pickles, mustard and mayo.  The best thing about this sandwich is the pork.  There's a slightly smoky flavor but it's also sweet.  The ham gives the entire sandwich a bit saltiness and the pickles gives it some tang.  There were potato sticks sprinkled on top of the sandwich.  I didn't know if I was suppose to eat it separately or eat it as is, so I did both.  When I ate the sandwich with the potato sticks, it gave the sandwich a bit of a crunch that was welcomed.  Separately, it was like thin fries.  The sandwich was also served with a dill pickle and pork rinds.

Momma's Pulled Pork Sandwich
My brother got the Momma's pulled pork sandwich.  It was the same smoky pulled pork piled on top of a Cuban bread.  There was a red sauce that I'm guessing is Momma's signature Mojo sauce.  It was a really good sandwich, but my brother thought it needed some veggies like perhaps a slaw.  I didn't know if the portions were actually small or my brother and I were really hungry.  But after polishing off the sandwiches, we were still hungry!  Granted,  we both had just gotten up and had not eaten since dinner the night before.  I was a little disappointed that Momma's was out of the Cuban Creole beef hash by the time I got there.  I also wanted to have some plantains but apparently that was not in the stars either.  

This is definitely a mom and pop type place.  Two sisters, their mom and maybe one employee were there on a Saturday.  Momma, a sister and an employee were in charge of making the food while the other sister waited on tables and manned the register.  I love that I could look straight into the kitchen from where I was sitting.  It's not like I'm a germaphobe but it's interesting to see how my food is prepared.  Momma's is a small place.  There's eight booth/table combinations in a place the size of a small coffee shop.  There are picnic tables outside but with the heat and bugs, no thanks for me. One thing I hate was the parking.  There's not much of it and since Momma's seems to be popular place it can be challenging getting into and out of.  I will definitely return to try some of the cafe dishes.  I think those would give me a better understanding of Cuban food. 

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