Buck's Pizza

While strolling in Downtown Mobile one afternoon, I stumbled upon Buck's Pizza.  I had already gotten something to eat at that point and filed it away as a blog possibility. Soon after, I saw that Groupon had a deal for Buck's and grabbed it right up.  I decided to take (who else) my brother and meet two of his friends there for a late lunch. 

My first impression of Buck's was it was much larger inside than it appeared outside.  They set it up to have an "outdoor" like area in front complete with patio furniture.  Farther back, there is a regular dining area and a pretty big bar.  The menu reflects the space; it's also massive.  Aside from pizza, there's also hoagies, stromboli and wings.  Needless to say, we ordered a little of everything.

I really wasn't sure what to get but the waiter suggested I get a stromboli.  If you don't know what those are, it's like a pizza that's been folded in half.  I got the small meaty stromboli which has pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, ground beef and mozzarella. 

I was concerned it would be too meaty packed in the little package and not enough cheese to hold it all together.  But those worries were unfounded, there was a ton of cheese inside.  I would have liked some vegetables in the stormboli.  It needed something fresh to break up the fattiness of the meat and cheese.  I really liked the dough.  It was darn flavorful but that could be the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top before it was put in the oven.  The size was just perfect too.  It was slightly bigger than my hand but very fulfilling. I am not a marinara type of girl so maybe that's why the stuff I got on the side tasted like jarred stuff instead of homemade.

My brother got the Old World pizza also in the individual size that's as big as a dessert plate.  Buck's starts this out with a garlic sauce, then topped with mozzarella, bacon and a ton of sliced tomatoes.  I am not a big fan of tomatoes so I only had a small bite.  I thought it needed more of a punch of flavor.  I could barely taste any of the garlic sauce and maybe a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil on top would bring out the flavors more.  Apparently, I was being picky because my brother gobbled that right up.  He's a big fan of tomatoes and thought these were just the right thickness and seasoned well.

My brother's friends - a couple - decided to share a Buck's Deluxe pizza and wings.  The deluxe pizza looked good.  You could see a good layer of pepperoni and sausage because they put the veggies on top.  I thought that it was interesting that the veggies weren't all that cooked.  You could see there was a bit of crunch to it. As for the wings, there was about 10 different sauces.  They chose the Asian flavored version.  It was your basic naked wing, fried and tossed in the sauce.  I didn't get a chance to try any but they appeared to like it very much,

The service at Buck's could have been better.  I saw our waiter chilling at the bar typing away on his phone when we had been waiting to pay for 15 minutes.  But that could be a drawback of having just two servers in such a large place. Prices were very reasonable.  Without the Groupon deal, the bill would have been just around $30.  I think I ended up paying with tax; $7.  Buck's is a franchise so the menu and prices differs from place to place but for an idea of the menu click here.

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