Los Tacos

The gauntlet has been thrown down for the best fast food Mexican fare in our area.  Los Tacos may not have very many locations (3 on the Eastern Shore, 1 in Mobile) but it sure does beat most places for good, cheap food. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of selection.

Mex Tacos combo for $4.99
I got the special.  It's 3 Mex tacos, beans, rice and a drink for get this $4.99. The Mex tacos is a corn tortilla with your choice of meat, cilantro and onions.  There's quite a selection of meats to choose from.  There's your normal chicken, ground beef, shredded beef, steak, carnitas (shredded pork), lengua(tongue), al pastor (seasoned pork strips) and cabeza (head meat).  I had the cabeza and really enjoyed it.  The meat was stewed and tasted very rich.  The onion and cilantro made the tacos very fresh.  I added a little rice and a choice of salsa then wrapped it up and ate it up.  With the sides, there was plenty to fill you up.

Beef Flauntas $7.99
My brother had the flauntas meal.  For $7.99, you get 6 flauntas with rice, beans, sour cream and guacamole.  The flauntas really remind me of chicken taquitos like those I had in school.. well except better. Each is stuffed with beef and nothing else.  Since it's deep fried, it could be a little greasy though.  Side note: I've been back a couple of times since this visit and ordered the flauntas both times.

Los Tacos also have combo options where you can get a soft or hard taco, cheese enchilada, and chile rellano served with beans and beans.  You can choose one, two or three of the items for different prices. My friend, Kat, went with all three.  I had a bite of the chile rellano and the enchilada.  I thought both were a little bland.  I understand that cheese is the main ingredient in both items and it typically only adds richness.  In the rellano, the pepper may have been blanched a little long and all the spiciness seeped out of the it.  The sauce on top didn't add anything to it either. The cheese enchiladas were ok but I've had better.

Queso, Salsa and Chips
Kat also ordered chips, queso and salsa.  The chips may be made in house.  There super thin and crispy.  They needed to be drained a little more but still good.  The queso was really good.  Nice and creamy with plenty of jalapeno to give it a kick.  Los Tacos has a salsa bar that has a variety ranging from a mild green to a mucho hot.  Even the mild is spicy. All of them tasted pretty fresh.

Taco Salad

As I mentioned, I've been back to Los Tacos a few times since the initial visit.  The other dish I tried was the taco salad.  This little fried shell was stuffed full with deliciousness.  I ordered it with the cabeza and there was plenty of meat in it.  It's then topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.  I thought the fresh salad cut the richness of the meat well making it a well balanced dish. 

Los Tacos on Urbanspoon
I am absolutely delighted by the quality and prices of Los Tacos.  It's my go to place now when I want fast Mexican fare.  I've added a picture of the to-go menu below.  Some of the quantity in the description is not correct but otherwise it's fairly a good representation of the menu. Click on the image for a bigger picture.

Los Tacos


  1. You should review La Cocina on Airport Blvd. They have delicious beef tongue tacos, chorizo tacos, menudo, hominy and other authentic Mexican dishes.


  2. I love La Cocina. It's one of my favorite places to eat but I don't really consider it fast food though. Especially since it can take a minute to get a seat. It's also one of the first places I reviewed but thanks for thinking about it and recommending.


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