Heroes Sports Bar

For better or worst, another downtown staple has made it's way to West Mobile.  Heroes Sport Bar is located on Hillcrest near Old Shell Road.  It's another option for sports fans who want to gather round and watch a number of games on the 20 or so flat screen TVs mounted all over this place. Heroes' menu lives up to it's name.  This is definitely sports bar food.  If you're looking for something other than wings, sandwiches, burgers and a salad option or two, this is not the place to be.

Heroes' Sampler Platter $10.99
I wanted to try out a number of the appetizers so I ordered the sampler platter.  For $10.99, there was a good handful of fried mushrooms, four mozzarella sticks and six wings. I thought the wings were good.  There wasn't a lot of breading, the meat was juicy and the spicy buffalo sauce had a decent amount of heat.  The fried mushrooms were mediocre and tasted as though it was pre-made.  I wished the mozzarella sticks was hotter when it came out.  I like to see strings of cheese when I pull a mozzarella stick apart to dip in the marinara sauce.  Here, I get more of a snap.

Kahuna Tuna  $9.95
For my meal, I went with the Kahuna Tuna.  It's yellowfin tuna steak  cooked to order and served on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo with waffle sweet potato fries and a pasta salad for $10.95 (the sweet potato fries was $1 extra).  I ordered my tuna steak grilled medium rare and lemon flavor.  There's also a blacken tuna steak option.  The tuna steak was a very good size. I would say it's 5 ounces; however it was not big enough for that bun.  I decided to forgo the top portion and eat just the veggies, tuna and bottom bun.  There happened to be a lot of lemon pepper on my steak but I loved it.  The sides were another matter.  I thought the sweet potato fries were a little soggy and cold. The pasta salad was little more than rotini with Italian dressing poured over the top.

Sosa's Bat $8.95
My brother had the "Sosa's Bat"; hot pastrami, grilled onions, provolone cheese, lettuce tomato and mayo on rye bread.  It came with potato salad and sweet potato fries.  I liked that the brown mustard is served on the side because it's very potent.  Aside from whatever brown mustard you put on there, I thought the sandwich as a whole lacked flavor.  I couldn't really taste the pastrami flavor.  It could have been muddled with the rest of the ingredients though.  The potato salad looked more like potato mush and apparently tasted just as good.

The Hero Burger
My friend decided to play it pretty safe with the Hero Burger. It's your typical Angus beef burger with all the appropriate toppings.  This may have been the best thing we ordered since it's hard to mess up.

The service I received was decent but I heard plenty of complaints from nearby tables..  There was about 10 servers or so when I went and for the most part they stood around and had conversations instead of helping customers.  At least our server was attentive; although not very friendly.  Service may be just one of those kinks that need to be worked out since this is a new location.

If you're looking to bring a family or even a big group to this Heroes, I would reconsider.  The dining rooms are not set up to be kid friendly.  At the bar area, there are about a 12 high top tables. In the dining room, there's about 20 tables and booths.  There isn't much room anywhere for a high chair.  I saw one man put his 6 month old son in his lap during lunch.  There's also a football (or surfboard) shaped table that really isn't functional. I did see the outside "patio" set up for a large group but the grass was up to my knees at some places.   There are about 4 fans and it didn't look nearly adequate to provide any relief in this heat.

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