It's one of the hottest new restaurants in Downtown Mobile. Saisho bills itself as a "Modern American Gastropub" with a Japanese flair. 

I am going to be honest. I went to Saisho a long time ago, took pictures and meant to write a blog and never got around to it. I do remember I was not overly impressed with how the food itself taste. It was beautiful though. This is going to be a blog of just pictures. I will add what I remember because honestly, some of the dishes stood out more than others.

Oysters 3-ways

I can't even tell you which drink is which and a glance at the menu did not jog my memory. I do know that each one packed a serious punch. I mean it. I may be a lightweight, which is doubtful but I think one cocktail would do you.

The Grilled Lamb Spare Ribs were delicious. I just forgot how small lamb spare ribs are. These guys were the size of a man's finger. I needed all of that flavor in a rack of ribs!

Chef's special: Duck

sata andagi
We had a little one with us and she wanted dessert. There was only two options on the menu; a custard and a Japanese donut. She went with the donut. I have to say, this was probably the best thing we ate. 

Before going to Saisho, I recommend you go check out the menu. It changes by the seasons and be aware; the majority of the dishes are small plates and not regular sized entrees.


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