Guido's & Something Sweets Bakery

From time to time, I like to go exploring. Living along Mobile Bay, I feel like there's always somewhere I have not been before. On this day, I went to Daphne and found Guido's. It's right along Main Street in Olde Town Daphne in a cluster of other stores and restaurants. I am glad I stopped by.

A peak inside of Guido's and I knew I would love it. I love chalkboard menus. It says to me the chef changes it as he/she see fits to make the most of what's available. Guido's has a very inviting atmosphere as well. I had my pup with me so I opted to sit outside but it looked very nice.

Veal Piccata $10
As I am looking over the menu, I saw that Guido's had veal piccata. It's been a while since I had a good piccata and thought this would be my best bet for some of the good stuff. I was not wrong. There was so much flavor in this dish. The veal was soft but not mushy. There was a ton of capers and artichokes piled on top.  The sauce was bright as it should be. It was served with a red potato mash that was really good. I was disappointed in the green beans though. It looks like something out of a can that they added some tomato and bacon. It wasn't bad. It just did not meet the standards of the other two items on the plate. I am excited to go back and try more items from the menu.

As I mentioned, I had my pup with me so I had to sit outside. The waitress was very nice. She brought out a bowl of water for my dog and even moved my table towards the wall and out of the midday sun. I did not feel neglected at all sitting outside. She checked not only on me but on my dog as well. Our drinks were always full. She was helpful when I had questions.

As I was having lunch at Guido's, I saw family after family make the trek across the street to Something Sweet Bake Shop. I mean it, if there was a child in the group they were going across the street. I was intrigued. But I just had a huge lunch, what was I do to do. I decided I was going to walk off some of the calories I just consumed to make way for dessert. I am glad I did.

Something Sweet Bake Shop is not a large place but it has something for everyone. From cupcakes to all sorts of bars and ice cream, you are sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I decided to go with a lemon bar and a strawberry cupcake. I liked them both. You can tell there is real lemon juice in the bars. None of that fake stuff. It was tart with just the right amount of sweet. I didn't have to eat the whole bar to satisfy my sweet tooth either.

The cupcake was divine as well. There was real pieces of strawberry! I believe this is the first time I ever had a cupcake with real fruit inside. It's usually reserved for muffins not cupcake. The cupcake wasn't too sweet either, which is perfect because of the mound of icing on top. It's not as high as some other places but boy was it good. I would like to come back soon to try out more cupcakes!

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