Soul Caffeine

I was celebrating a three month adoption anniversary of my furbaby, Baby Beo, so I decided to hang out on the Eastern Shore. I wanted to start off the day with breakfast and coffee so I decided to check out Soul Caffeine in Daphne.  As I pulled up, disappointment immediately.  There were no outside seating for me and my pup.  I had to leave her in the car (with the windows down, of course) while I ran inside and grabbed my coffee. #Fail

I was torn on what to get. I knew I wanted something cold because it was scorching outside but did I want one of their cold brews or a frappe? There were a few people in line ahead of me and it was a pretty even split. For me, it all came down with which was sweeter. I knew I was going to get a pastry so I didn't want an overly sweet drink as well. I decided to go with the cold brew. It was described to me as a coffee concentrate that can be flavored. There was a number of different choices from salted caramel to dark chocolate and peanut butter to a dark chocolate and coconut.  All of it sounded delicious but I have a special weakness for salted caramel. Let me tell you it was appropriately named "so good." Some places use so much syrup you can't taste the coffee.  Not at Soul. Half and half was used to smooth out the bite of the coffee to make a perfect drink.

There wasn't a lot of pastry selection but what I saw looked good. There was a selection of muffins, fritters and some cookies.  Since it was breakfast and blueberry season, I thought it would be appropriate to try the blueberry muffin. The barista asked if he could heat it up for me and I thought that would be nice. The muffin was so moist and loaded with blueberries. It wasn't too sweet and was a perfect compliment to my coffee.

Soul Caffeine felt like it belong more in the Atlanta area. It was very hipster to me but not in any shape or form a bad way. Boy, was it crowded. I mean there was a lot of people there for it to be just after 10am on a weekday. There was plenty of seating inside. From tables and couches to a bar where you can set up your computer to work, there was a lot of choices.

I will definitely be back for a caffeine fix or two!


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