Red Fish Blue Fish

As a born and raised Florida girl, it's no surprise that Pensacola Beach is one of my favorite places to be.  There has always been a number of places to eat on the island but I've always just brought a cooler of food and drinks instead.  Because come on, who wants to pay those tourist prices?  I was pleasantly surprised by Red Fish Blue Fish though. 

I ordered the carne fries from the "small bites" menu.  At $9, this was huge.  According to the menu, it's "hand cut fries topped with slow braised beef, Monterrey jack and cheddar cheese with fresh cut green onions."  It was good. The fries were hefty enough to stand up to all of the toppings.  The beef was nice and flavorful.  However, my friend and I thought it needed a little something.  I would have liked to see it served with either a dollop of sour cream or maybe ranch dressing.  I guess I could have asked for some but to be honest, I didn't think about it.  

Spicy Fish Tacos $12
For my entree, I decided to go with fish tacos although I was torn between the "tropical" or "spicy."  I did end up getting the spicy fish tacos.  It's three flour tortillas with blackened or grilled fish, topped with an Asian slaw, chipotle sauce and cilantro lime sour cream.  It's served with chips and salsa.  I got the blackened version because the waiter said it was tastier.  I agree.  It was very good!  I enjoyed the flavor combination a lot.  I felt like it had more of a Caribbean vibe than an Asian one though.  The only thing I would change is to serve the tacos on corn tortillas.  It may have needed to be double stacked but it would give it a better taste and texture.
Fried Mullet Basket $12
My friend got the fried mullet basket.  It came with three pieces of fish, fries and coleslaw.  Surprisingly, I did not pick off her plate so I do not know if it was any good.  She did tell me it was delicious though!  I think that should count for something.

I was on a mini-vacation so I decided to have a drink with my meal.  I got the 3-mile bridge bucket.  I think it was $10 or so.  It has coconut rum, banana rum, mango rum, passion fruit rum and pineapple rum mixed with orange juice, pineapple juice in a 32 oz bucket.  I don't know if it was because all the booze was flavored but all I could taste was juice.  In fact, I was really considering ordering some straight Captain Morgan to go into the drink to pump it up a little.  Alas, I did not.  It was still good but I did not feel anything from it, not even a slight buzz.

I think the best part of Red Fish Blue Fish has to be the courtyard.  It sits right on the bay so you can eat your meal right on the water.  They have a great set up.  There's a gas fire pit that I definitely took advantage of because it was so windy the day I went.  There's picnic style tables and another area large enough for a big group to eat, drink and be merry.  I like the games they had to entertain the adults and kids alike.  There was a huge Connect 4 game, Toppling Blocks, Corn hole and probably a few more I didn't spot.  From the courtyard, you can also see over to Flounder's and watch whatever volleyball tournament they have going there.  There's a lot to see and do.  I really enjoyed myself.

If you would like to check out Red Fish Blue Fish, click here.
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