I was so excited to hear in Atlanta favorite made it down to the Gulf Coast. The original Quickly's has a wide variety of teas, milk teas and smoothies.  It also serves Taiwanese street food but the I'berville, Mississippi location expanded that to much more.

My favorite drink to get at Quickly is Thai milk tea.  It is a black tea spiked with a bunch of spices and milk.  It is much like a Chai tea latte but less star anise flavor.  I like Quickly's version because it's not too sweet.  This did not disappoint.  You can get several add on to your drinks including tapioca pearls and jelly. I like mine plain but I know plenty of people who like the add ons.

We decided to order a bunch of the small bite appetizers, which are only what the Atlanta Quickly serve.   We got Taiwanese popcorn chicken, kimchi fries with a fried egg on top, takoyaki octopus ball, Hawaii spam Musubi, pan fried dumpling, quickly original wings and crispy shrimp wontons.

My favorites where the popcorn chicken and the kimchi fries. The popcorn chicken was thinly sliced chicken battered and then fried.  The strange thing was the first order didn't have much, if any seasoning whereas the second order had there signature seasoning.  I like it both ways. I just thought it was strange that it came both ways.

The kimchi fries with the fried egg on top was delicious. You are getting exactly the name of the dish.  I would have liked a stronger kimchi flavor but it was really good. I do not know if the fried egg added anything to this dish.  I liked breaking the yolk and spreading it over the fries.  The sauce on top was also rather good.
Pan-fried dumplings, Quickly Original Wings and takoyaki (octopus balls)
The pan fried dumplings was cold when it got to me and the flavor was not that great. I was thinking pan fried would still have a bit of crunch to it but it tasted more like it was steamed.  The owner was telling me they were considering adding a fried version and gave me a couple to sample.  I like the fried version much better.

We got the Quickly Original wings.  It is just fried wings with salt and vinegar.  It was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside but there was a definite lack in flavor. I would like to try the Korean wings or the ginger teriyaki wings the next time.

The takoyaki octopus ball was good.  An order come with 4 for $4.95.  If you've never had it, it is chopped up pieces of octopus rolled up into a ball with batter then fried.  It is slightly crispy on the outside and quite mushy on the inside. If you are a texture person, it may not be for you. There is a sour taste to it that I cannot find origin. I am thinking there may have been a squeeze of lime over it but I am not sure.  

Hawaii Spam Musubi is apparently one of their best sellers. I do not understand why. It is rice with spam wrapped in nori (seaweed).  It is drizzled with eel sauce.  There was a good balance but it's nothing special.  I make this myself any day of the week.

I was told the crispy shrimp wonton was a bestseller and a must-try by the owner of course.  The crispy shrimp wonton in itself was not bad; however there was a heavy drizzle of a sweet mayonnaise on top.  That was just gross to me. I don't understand that flavor combination.

For sweet stuff, we got the Mochi waffles and the Hong Kong egg puff.  If you are unfamiliar with mochi, it is a Japanese rice cake that is very chewy.  You can flavor it a number of ways.  We got the strawberry version.  It tasted very fake like a flavoring instead of actual berries.  It is was chewy as well.  There is a bite or snap to it versus any softness.  The Hong Kong puff is a different story.  It tasted angel food cake and waffle like form. It was not too sweet.  I liked it.

Check out the website: http://www.quickly.ms/
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