Delish's Desserts and Eatery

One of my favorite places have a slightly new name, a new owner but the same great food.  Now called Delish's Desserts and Eatery on Upham Street still draw crowds, not only with their daily specials but their amazing desserts.

I have gone to Delish's for years and expect a certain quality.  When the chef/owner handed the reins over to longtime employee, I honestly didn't even notice the difference. I am blogging about my first visit after renovations.

Delish's has two specials everyday. It could range from anything from spaghetti to a barbecue potato or even cabbage rolls. On this day, it was seafood grits one of two ways. You could have it with shrimp in a wine cream sauce or with blackened fish in a creole sauce. My lunch companions and I all chose the blackened fish. When I got the box, I was surprised by how heavy it was. There was at least two cups of grits inside generously topped with fish and sauce.  The grits are nice and creamy.  The fish was well cooked and well seasoned. But the star was that sauce. The tomato flavor mixed with the vegetables were outstanding. It was not salty nor was it bland.  It came with some bread that looks like it was dipped in some sort of gravy.  I felt like it was unneeded.  Eavesdropping on the other customers, I heard no complaints about the shrimp and grits either. Specials are typically $9-$10 and includes a side, dessert and a drink.  Delish's post the specials on their Facebook page daily.

Aside from the specials, Delish's also offers salads, sandwiches and quiches.  The chicken salad is one of the best I have ever had.  I love the nuts, which I think is pecans, and the slightly sweet element in the salad.  You can get a scoop of chicken salad, on a sandwich or on a salad.  The quiche slices are huge and packed with everything good.  I particularly like the spinach and bacon.

As for desserts, you can not go wrong with anything here.  I have tried everything from the cookie bars to the cakes. Desserts do come with the daily specials but to be honest, I can not resist their cakes.  I am not even talking about the extra goodness of the icing.  I like the cake itself. It is not unusual for me to save the dessert I get with the special for later (or give it away) and order a slice of cake.  One big change is a new happy hour. Desserts are 25% off from 2pm-4pm.

I really like the renovations to the dining room. The teas are now self serve instead of having to ask for refills.  The windows have been cleared/cleaned to let on more light.  While the space is the same size, it appears to be much larger with all of the natural light. I want to say there's more seating but my brother disputed that.  Keep in mind, this place is at full capacity at around 20-30.  

All in all, I guess change is not a bad thing after all.  To read my original post about Delish, click here.

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