Dickey's Barbeque Pit

Dickey's Barbeque Pit is the first restaurant to open at McGowin Park in Mobile.  I expected it to have a big clientele but I was not prepared for long line I was greeted with on a Tuesday for lunch. It was nearly to the door but I see you learn the reason why.  More on that a little later.

Dickey's has a daily special. On this day, it was 3 ribs, two sides and a drink for $8.95.  My friend and I decided to go with the special.  I got the Mac and cheese and onion tanglers.  It was good.  The rib meat was fall off the bone and had a good smoky flavor.  There wasn't a lot of sauce but it tasted sweet and tangy to me.  The mac and cheese was also very good.  It was creamy but not too much.  And it was seasoned!  I hate under seasoned mac and cheese. The onion tanglers are fried onions "strips.". Instead of giant onion rings,  it is broken apart then fried.  If you're an onion rings fan like me, this is a must have. You can get a free ice cream cone with your meal. It is right next to the drink counter so feel free to get as big or as little a cone as you would like. It's not the creamiest ice cream I've had but a nice sweet treat to end a meal.

Dickey's is a counter-style service restaurant. However, I am not sure I got the service as it was meant to be. At the order here sign, the girl would only take my friend and I's meat order and not the sides. As the line progressed no one asked about sides until we were almost to the register. There was a problem with the register as well. Apparently the shipping center is so new it didn't have internet. The register was operating through air cards and had to be repeatedly restarted. I think we were in line for a minimum of 30 minutes before we were able to pay.

I would probably come back in a few months when things has settled down a bit.
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