Adonna's Bakery

I know patience is a virtue but when it comes to service, promptness is a must. Adonna's Bakery in downtown Pensacola is a cute place for breakfast or lunch but unless you have some time on your hands, I would skip it.

I went to Adonna's for lunch on a Saturday. There was a huge gap between the time we sat down to getting our drinks, ordering and getting our food. Since my brother and I had quite a while to look over the menu before our server came to our table, we ordered our lunch and drinks at the same time.  It took about 10 minutes before our drinks came to the table.  It was another 25 minutes or more for our actual lunch to arrive.

On a prior visit ,  I saw someone get the shrimp and grits.  It looked delicious so that's what I ordered this go around.

Adonna's Shrimp and Grits ($10)

It came with a side salad with a choice of dressing.  I was told the balsamic vinaigrette was delicious.  I have to say, I was not impressed.  The croutons was greasy and a bit bitter.  The salad dressing tasted like Kraft brand.  Nothing special at all.  I knew this was not the sign I wanted to see.  If a place doesn't have a decent side salad, what hope is there for the entree? 

The shrimp and grits was actually a really good in portion size.  It came with five or six shrimp and a croissant that looked like it was split in half.  The grits was topped with bacon (ummm, bacon), diced tomatoes and cheese.  The shrimp was very nice but the grits were so bland!  It tasted like they didn't use any salt in the grits at all.  Even though the bacon was salty, it was not enough to flavor the grits.  The cheese did give it a little richness but otherwise it was very disappointing.  I wished I could have had the shrimp and croissant as a sandwich though.

Philly Steak, Mac and Cheese ($10)
My brother wanted the Boston Butt, Mac and cheese but was told the regular menu item is replaced with the special a Philly Steak, mac and cheese.  It is a full size croissant, layered with Philly cheesesteak, mac and cheese then bacon and cheddar cheese.  The meat was tasty but the mac and cheese needed salt.  This is definitely a fork and knife type of meal.  The meat made the croissant a little soggy. 

Adonna's has a wide range of pastries to choose from including cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cannolis and macaroons.

Coffee macaroon, pistachio macaroon, cannolis
On a prior visit, my brother and I shared a cannoli as well as two macaroons, coffee and pistachio flavor.  I was surprise that the little macaroons was the same price as many of its much larger desserts it shares the case with.  At $2.50, you decide if one of these cookies are worth the price.  I really enjoyed the cannoli. The cream filling was not cloyingly sweet nor was the shell.  The macaroons were also good.  They were a little too sweet for my taste but I have been cutting back on sugar.  I couldn't distinguish the flavors very well though but that could have been me.

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