Chicken Salad Chick

Have you ever wanted to experiment with your grandma's chicken salad recipe?  Maybe spice it up with jalapenos or throw in some bar-b-que sauce?  If so, Chicken Salad Chick is the perfect place for you.  This restaurant is dedicated to all things chicken salad with just a couple of other options to satisfy most every one's taste buds.  From what I'm told, all the chicken salads starts with the same base and they build on that to make a number of different "flavors."

My brother and I got the Chick Trio for lunch.  You get your choice of three of the flavors and we made sure not to overlap.  We had the Jalapeno Holly, Barbie-Q, Buffalo Barclay, Jazzie Julie, Fancy Nancy and Sassy Scotty.  Of the six, my favorites were the Jalapeno Holly and Fancy Nancy.  Jalapeno Holly has, of course, jalapenos.  I think they're blanched and pickled.  It does give it a bit of a bite but not enough to kick you in the mouth.   The Fancy Nancy has apples, pecans and grapes.  I like the sweet but slightly crunchy of this one a lot.  I liked the Jazzie Julie a lot too.  It has cayenne pepper, bacon and cheddar cheese, which is a delicious combination.  The only one I really wasn't impressed with was the Buffalo Barclay, I thought it needed something more like blue cheese crumbles.  

With the Chick trio, I wish it came with a little more greens.  There was just one leaf under the salad for basic decoration.  You do get a good amount of crackers to eat it with but I wanted more of the leafy green stuff.  What I am really trying to say was I wanted the chicken salad on top of an actually salad but that's just preference.  

One of the other options was the the Original Chick, which comes with a chicken salad sandwich, sides, pickle spear and a cookie.  For a slight up charge, my friend got their brownie of the day instead of the cookie.  There are also several bread choices including wheat and a croissant. 

Chicken Salad Chick is a counter service place.  You order at the counter, choose a seat and when its ready someone will bring it out to you.  It appeared to have plenty of space but once lunch hour picked up, it filled up quick.  Folks were able to get their order in and the food was coming out but the tables weren't turning over quick enough.  There were several instances where we kinda got the stare down because we were leisurely eating instead of hustling, trying to get out of there.  The restaurant was bright, clean and cheery.  The staff was also very nice.  I got up to ask for more crackers and she brought it out to my table.  Overall, it was a good experience and I will be coming back.

Prices:  $10 with a drink for most items. To check out Chicken Salad Chick's menu, click here.

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