Nacho Daddies - Closed

What's the best part about living on the Gulf Coast?  For me, it's being able to hit the beach in late September and not freeze.  My brother and I headed to Pensacola on a Saturday.  We knew we wanted to hang out at the beach and then basically wing the rest of the day.  We hit the beach and hung out for about an hour before our growling stomach forced us to go find sustenance.

We headed downtown because there's quite a few places on Palafox Street I have been hearing about and wanted to try.  One of those places is Nacho Daddies.  It took us a bit to find the restaurant since there wasn't a sign that I was able to see clearly.  Once we found the place, I thought it was quaint.  

Jerk chicken nachos $9
My brother and I decided to share several items, including the jerk chicken nachos.  The jerk nachos were a very good size.  It has jerk chicken, cabbage, pineapple and mango salsa.  The entire thing is drizzled with what looks like a white queso.  I thought it was just ok.  When I think of jerk, I expect a good amount of spice and this just didn't cut it.  I have to say there was a good chip to topping ratio though.  I don't believe either my brother or I got a chip without at least something on it.   I definitely enjoyed the sweetness the pineapple and mango lent to the nachos.  I still would have like it to be more spicy though.

I was expecting a lot of the tacos especially for the price.  The cheapest start at $3.75 but after the first one, it's a dollar off the others.  We ordered the chicken and fried avacodo tacos.  I am going to be honest with you I don't know which picture was which but I can say both were good.  I especially like the fried avocado taco.  The avocado slices are battered then fried before being placed in the bottom of a small flour tortilla.  It's topped off with white cheese , a chipotle mayo and pico de gallo.   The chicken taco was average at best although it came with a very decent amount of meat.  It tasted exactly like the chicken used for my jerk chicken tacos.

The tacos came with chips and salsa which made it into a nice size meal.  I thought the salsa was very interesting.  It looked to have carrots in it so it was a lot sweeter than I was expecting.  

Nacho Daddies is probably my favorite style of restaurant; counter service.  You walk in, check out the blackboard menu and order at the counter.  Once the food is ready, they'll either bring it out to you or call your name to pick it up.  I think it's super casual and just my kind of style. 

The restaurant is not very large.  There's about four tables lining one wall and 4 more in the front dining area.  If you're afraid of missing a game, no worries.  Nacho Daddies has two huge TVs that you can ask to be switched to your game of choice.  I did and they were able to do it.

Nacho Daddies on UrbanspoonI don't know if I would come back to Nacho Daddies.  While the food and service were good, it didn't blow me away.  I may come back for the fried avocado tacos but there's little else here that is enticing me to return.  I enjoyed East Hill Yard and the Z taco truck at Al Fresco just a few blocks away just a bit more.  It could be a different story if I actually lived in Pensacola though.


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