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Mugshots Grill and Bar in Mobile opens on Tuesday, July 2nd.  I got a chance to go to the soft opening the weekend before the big day.  No, I didn't get an invite because I write a blog.  I actually saw a post about it on Facebook and made reservations.  I thought I would do a preview blog of Mugshots.  

The menu focuses heavily on burgers and sandwiches.  There are a couple of salads, soups and pasta dishes thrown in.  We ordered a ton of appetizers and each of us got a different burger to try.  The burgers (and sandwiches, I think) come with lightly beer battered french fries as sides.  You can switch it out for sweet potato fries, side or caesar salad, or fresh veggies for a slight up charge.  But if you like fries, these will not disappoint.  You can really taste the difference the beer batter makes.

Pow pow shrimp is deep fried shrimp tossed in a sweet chili sauce.  It's served over a little greens and almond slivers.  We thought this was going to be like Bonefish's Bang Bang shrimp but it wasn't.  As you can see, the sauce is not mayonnaise based.  It's more of a Chinese chili sauce versus an aioli.

Blankenshrooms are Mugshots fried mushrooms.  They're button mushrooms tossed in breading and fried.  It's served with homemade ranch.  I like them but there was just a little too much breading on them for my friend. They weren't as greasy as I thought they would be.  There was also a huge plate of them versus to 6 or so you get at other places.

Spencer's Nachos is a heap of tortilla chips topped with beef chili, Rotel cheese, onions, tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos and sour cream.  This was my favorite.  The only thing I did not like was the red onions was sliced way too thick.  Otherwise, the cheese to chili to chip ratio was perfect.  You can get a little bit of everything on every bite.  This could be a meal all onto itself.

The Gamble is basically Mugshots chili cheese burger.  The burger is topped with beef chili, Rotel cheese, jalapenos and sour cream.  Man, this was good and big.  There's a lot of toppings on a big ol beef patty.  The bun is uber soft and have a slightly sweet flavor.  

If you're really hungry, I suggest you try the Steakhouse burger.  It's Mugshots basic burger topped with chopped sirloin steak with grilled green peppers and onions.  The entire thing is smothered with pepperjack cheese.  This burger is not dieter friendly but oh so worth the extra 30-45 minutes you spend on the treadmill.

The Walker is Mugshots' version of the black and blue burger.  I did notice one slight difference though.  On top of the huge amount of blue cheese on the burger,  there's also some blue cheese dressing inside.  I ended up only being able to eat half of the burger.  I was just too full from all the appetizers.

The only thing I did not like about the burgers is it all came in one degree of doneness.  I don't know if the waitresses forgot to ask or there's no choice if I would like something medium versus medium well.  Also, these looked like pre-formed patties so that could contribute to why I wasn't given that choice.

We had a little girl with us and her momma ordered her the chicken basket.  Those are pretty big chicken tenders there.  It's almost as big as some places give for adult meals.  No joke.

The burgers and sandwiches range from $8 to $11 and the appetizers were about $8.  Kaitlyn's chicken meal was about $6.  My brother and I both ordered milkshakes as well.  It was just the right consistency.  Not too thick and not too running.  I will definitely be back to Mugshots.  I just have to find some healthier options on the menu which they do have. If you would like to check out Mugshots' menu, click here

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