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I have heard about Moe's Original BBQ in Daphne for a quite a while but I haven't had a chance to make it to the Eastern Shore to check it out.  Needless to say, I was excited when I learned there's now a Mobile location.

First, finding this place can be a bit of a challenge.  It's at the intersection where Springhill and Washington Avenues meet up with Dauphin St.  If you're familiar with LoDa, it's "kitty corner" from the Bicycle Shop.  If you get lost looking for Moe's, no worries.  It's well worth it when you finally reach your destination. 

I went to Moe's with my usual sidekick, my brother along with one of his friends.  We decided to order the sampler platter.  It's 1/4 pound of pulled pork, chicken, turkey, 3 ribs, 4 wings, sausage, two pieces of cornbread, three sides and two drinks.  This was seriously a boatload of food for $28.  While I liked everything, some stood out more than others.

The platter came out on two plates.  First thing I noticed was the half chicken that was part of the meal.  I couldn't believe how moist and flavorful it was.  There was a nice smokiness to it.  Both the chicken and the turkey was drizzled with a mix of the regular bbq sauce and a white bbq sauce.  The sauces make the meat a little more tangy and a lot more rich.  I didn't like the turkey as much though.  I think because it was breast meat and perhaps not smoked while on the bone so it lacked the flavor punch the chicken had. My favorite thing from the sampler plate has to be the chicken wings.  It's smoked, marinated and then cooked another way again.  I believe there's four flavors you can choose from.  I think there's the regular BBQ, garlic something, Asian persuasion, and dry rub.  I chose the garlic flavor.  These are probably hands down best wings I've ever had, period.  I typically don't make all the way downtown on the weekdays but I would definitely come back to Moe's for the wings.  Now, I am curious what the other flavors taste like.  

The other plate consist of the ribs, pork and sausage.  All of it was drizzled with the regular BBQ sauce.  The pulled pork was nice and moist. I wanted more sauce though but that was easy to remedy.  When the food came out, the waitress also brought out a warm bottle of sauce.  The ribs were also delicious.  They were very tender; although they were a lot smaller than I was expecting it to be.  The sausage were your average sausage that's been grilled and then drizzled with sauce. We ordered the classic sides to go with your BBQ; baked beans, potato salad and mac 'n' cheese.  All were very good.  We actually ordered another pint of mac 'n cheese because we couldn't get enough.  Instead of plain white bread with your BBQ, Moe's serves up a delicious cornbread.  It look like a loaf of cornbread that has been sliced thick and put on a griddle for a little bit to warm up.  The outside is crunchy while the inside is still moist.

My brother and I actually arrived before his friend.  We ordered some nachos but it was not meant to be.  The waitress completely forgot about it.  It kind of worked out in our favor though because of free crawfish Saturdays.  After 2 p.m., Moe's pours out a big pot of crawfish on a table and it's a free for all.  Literally, there's no limit on how much you can eat.  I forget how long the free crawfish last though but I think the rate the crawfish goes out does slow down after an hour or so.  Potatoes, corn and sausage are served alongside the crawfish.  The crawfish was a lot more salty than I would like.  I think that's to encourage people to order a few beers to go with their free crawfish.  I didn't have any other problems but my brother says he had several that still had grit.  In fact,  I think he quit after 10 or so because of it.

The prices are very reasonable.  A sandwich plate which included a side and a drink is about $10.50.  The platters are about a dollar more.  Most of the platters comes with 2 sides (I think), cornbread, and a drink.  I really didn't see any individual meals more than $12 here.

Don't let the outside fool you.  Moe's is actually pretty roomy inside.  When you first come in, you see a large bar take up most of the front area.  There's tables on either side and then towards the back.  But the space really opens up in the back band area.  It was like an auditorium back there.  Moe's set up a bunch of folding tables and chairs to accommodate all the people who came for the crawfish.

I would definitely be back at Moe's to have more of the food. To check out Moe's website, click here.

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