Atlanta Bread Co.

Atlanta Bread Company is one of those places that really doesn't come to mind when I'm thinking about grabbing a bite to eat.  Located on Dauphin Street, it could be hard to get in and out of the parking lot; especially since it's near the I65 on and off ramp.  But after a recent visit, this place is firmly on the map as an ideal stop for an after work meal.

Like Panera Bread, ABC serves an array of bagels, muffins and pastries for breakfast.  Alongside your pastries you can get fresh cups of coffee, espresso based drinks and teas.  I've had their bagels in the past and was very satisfied.  They have your regular array from everything bagel, sesame, cinnamon and many more.  There also those great flavored cream cheese spreads too.  I believe all the pastries are made on site so that's a big plus.

I did go during breakfast but was surprised to learn nearly the entire menu was available to order.  I'm talking all of the sandwiches and salads here.  The only thing that was not ready at 8:30 in the morning was the soups.  I can not express to you how happy I was to hear that.  I'm not much of a breakfast food person but give me a salad or a ham sandwich any time of day and I will be more than satisfied.

Steakhouse Panini $7.59
I decided to order the Steakhouse Panini.  I really can't recite the description word for word but it goes something like London broil on ciabatta bread with mushrooms, and provolone served a side of au jus and potato chips.  Steak for breakfast is always a home run for this meat and potato lover.  I really, really enjoyed the sandwich.  There was a ton of meat and mushrooms with just the right amount of cheese.  The meat was very tender like it was slow roasted.  The mushrooms were slightly sauteed before it was topped onto the meat.  The sandwich was pretty chunky and hard to eat because the bread was toasted.  But I didn't have any problems after I dipped it in the au jus.  The au jus was piping hot too.  The little plastic container had a lid on it and I nearly burned myself taking that sucker off.  My only complaint about my meal was the chips.  It was a regular snack size bag and there was literally 8 chips inside.  Not cool!

Waldoff Chicken  Sandwich $6.99
I've been back to ABC and had the Waldoff Chicken sandwich.  It's definitely a much sweeter chicken salad than I've had in the past.  The salad consist of white meat chicken, granny smith apples, dried cranberries and walnuts.  It's served with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on an asiago foccacia.  I really enjoyed the sweetness but thought there could have been walnuts to give it texture.  Given my prior experience with the chips, I opted to go for the pasta salad ($0.75 extra) as a side item.  The pasta salad was just as disappointing if not more so than the chips.  It's just rotini pasta and shredded carrots drenched in an Italian dressing.  Complete fail once again.  
Atlanta Bread Company is very inviting.  There's a ton of seats and comfortable booths.  I can very easily see myself spending a few hours here on my laptop or reading a book. I notice a bunch of older gentlemen congregating and having their morning coffee.  I think ABC has a great atmosphere to hang out and catch up with friends.  I also love that the employees know a lot of their regular by name.  I heard a number of people being greeted by Mr. this or Mrs. that and of course "are you getting your regular?"  It reminds me of the days I worked in a cafe.  Let's just say I wouldn't mind becoming a regular at Atlanta Bread company.  To check out ABC's menu, click here.

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