Whistle Stop Cafe

There's a few places in town that serves a country style breakfast and the Whistle Stop Cafe is one of them. Located on Florida near Emogene Streets, it's a local version of that "other country restaurant."  WSC has been around for years and seems especially popular for breakfast.

The breakfast options are pretty extensive.  WSC offers everything from eggs and sausage to french bread and pancakes.  There's also a number of omelets available.

I had the Santa Fe Omelet.  It's stuffed with ham, green peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and diced tomatoes.  It's served with a side of salsa, grits, choice of biscuits or toast.  I also ordered a side of their famous tomato gravy.  That's a lot of food.  The omelet was stuffed full.  The vegetables were cook al dente and there plenty of ham.  The cheese was sprinkled on top and not inside so there wasn't anything to bind the stuffing.  It was still good though.

I was especially impressed with the grits.  Some say it's hard to mess it up but I've had some pretty inferior grits.  These are simple.  It's thick and creamy with just the right amount of salt.  I added a little bit of cheese and called it a day.

My friend heard that the tomato gravy is to die for here so I ordered a side to dip my biscuits.  What I really should have done was ordered the regular sausage gravy instead.  Why you ask; because I don't like tomato but it didn't turn out half bad.  It was nice and spicy with just a right amount of tomato sourness.  There's also chunks of tomato in it as well.  The biscuits are a little dry and cold; which leads me to believe they're not made fresh daily, if at all, on site.

The Whistle Stop is super cozy.  It reminds me of a cabin in the mountains.  The decor is very country theme with tons of pictures of - what else - trains on the walls.  For breakfast for most days, there's only one waitress and she's super nice.  However, if there is a lot of people it could be slow because there is only one waitress.  I liked the Whistle Stop but I don't think it offers anything I can not make at home.
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To check out the Whistle Stop Cafe's website, click here.  The prices on the menu has not been updated. There's actually a $1-$3 difference.


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