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Food is an experience to be shared and that's the purpose of this blog.  I love getting feedback from my readers and that's how I learned about Delish's Desserts and Eatery.  I got a post on the Taste Buds' Facebook page that I should try this little deli in midtown out.  It took me a few weeks to get to it but I'm sure glad I did.

First, let me say Delish's has been teasing me on Facebook for weeks with their daily specials.  I would always think "Oh, that sounds great and I want that", but I end up not being able to make it to the deli for lunch.  On this Thursday, I couldn't resist because they were serving two of my favorites;  a shepard's pie and grilled cheese panini.

Just check out the size of the shepard's pie meal. This box of deliciousness was just $8.50 with a cookie and sweet tea included.  Here's the facebook post: "Shepard's Pie!! mounds and mounds of garlic mash potatoes, seasoned ground sirloin in our homemade brown gravy and fresh veggies topped with irish cheddar and baked until golden and bubbly served with marinated cucumber tomato salad and cornbread."  Hello who could resist?  I sure couldn't.  I really liked that the veggies are not cooked beforehand.  It still maintained a bit of crunch instead of being soggy.  The meat and potatoes were great.  The cheesy cornbread was nice and moist.  It was a little crumbly but not dry.  I'm not quite sure how they achieved that but it went great with the shepard's pie. The portion is so huge, I was able to take more than half home for dinner that evening.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Panini
Although a grilled cheese panini may sound simple, it was far from what some people may have had as a kid. Again, I was hooked by the Facebook description.  Here it goes "3 kinds of cheese which include provolone, havarti as well as sharp cheddar with hardwood smoked bacon, fresh spinach and topped with caramelized onions.  Grilled and pressed when ordered on sourdough bread."  I'm thinking either the chef was a little rushed because I did not see any green on this beast but that didn't matter one bit to me.  The panini is served with your choice of soup.  On this day, it was a tomato basil or a chicken noodle.  Being a bit of purist, I went with a tomato basil. I loved dipping the panini in the soup and eating it.  The creamy tomato went with the richness of the cheese so well.  The bacon gave it a bit of heft and the caramelize onions made it just a touch sweeter.  It also came with a cookie and tea for $8.50.

Delish's array of homemade cakes, brownies and treats!
Even though I was completely stuffed, I could not resist the call of the dessert case.  Really, who goes to a place call Delish's Desserts and not try the desserts right. There's everything from a rocky road brownie to a caramel cake to orange cake and lemon bars.  There was so much to choose from but since I did just scarf down something super rich I thought I would go light for dessert (HA!).  I ended up getting the Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake about $4
I will admit I am a sucker for strawberry shortcake; mainly because I feel I'm at least incorporating some fresh fruit into my meal.  This little bowl of sweetness is absolutely devine.  The cake is like a really dense, really rich and moist pound cake.  The cream is so thick, not like the stuff you get out of a tub or can.  The consistency is more like devenshire or clotted cream. It has a very heavy mouth feel and that could throw some people off.  The strawberries are good and still had that bit of tartness with a bit of sweetness. This is a little bowl of heaven in my book.  I will definitely be coming back.

The ice box filled with prepared sandwiches, salads, some soups and quiches
I knew exactly what I wanted from Delish's before I ever stepped foot inside but I was sorely tempted to go a different route when I spotted their ice box.  Inside is an array of sandwiches, salads and quiches that beckoned.  While eating my lunch, I saw a number of people head straight for fridge so I can only guess the tuna and chicken salads are good.  I plan to find out soon. 

Meantime, I can tell you the spinach and bacon quiche is quite yummy. Apparently, that huge shepard pie's meal was not enough to satisfy the cravings of my brother.  He insisted he needed a spinach quiche to snack on later that evening.  I caved in to the little tyrant's demands because well I wanted to try it too.  I think this was about $5 and the slice is huge.  You can see it practically overwhelms this little dessert plate.  It reheated very well.  The filling didn't fall out.  The egg was still super creamy. The bacon really stands out.  The saltiness breaks up the cheese and egg well.  I like that there's also a ton of spinach.  The crust reminds me of a pot pie crust.  It's very flaky and buttery.

This is really a very small place.  The entire front of house could fit in an average kitchen these days.  There's about 6 tables that could seat about 15 people or so. I don't think Delish's needs more than that because it seems to cater to the office workers crowd.  Many people come in, grab their lunch to go back and eat at their desk.  That's really shows in the hours Delish's keeps.  It's open Monday through Friday from 11am until 5pm. Delish's is located on Upham Street between Old Shell Road and Dauphin Street.  

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To get daily updates on Delish's Desserts & Eatery menu, "like" their Facebook page. Let me know of any places you think I should try by commenting on Taste Buds' Facebook page.



  2. I highly recommend this midtown eatery. You're missing out if you haven't been. Wonderful specials everyday and the most delicious desserts that are out of this world......and to top it off....reasonable prices.


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