Sandbar Cafe

Battered and Fried.  That's about sums up how many southerners like their seafood.  If that's your preference and you don't want to pay outrageous prices, I found the perfect place. The Sandbar Cafe is located in the shopping center at the corner of University Boulevard and Cottage Hill. At first I thought I made a bad choice, but things eventually turned around.

Fried Pickles $4.99
I have a deep love for fried pickles and when I saw it on the menu I just had to order some.  For $4.99, you get a basketful along with some ranch for dipping.  These had to be the most salty fried pickles I've ever had.  They had to salt them before battering and frying.  I swear my blood pressure shot through the roof after eating 5.  I had to quit after that.  I thought the batter was what was so salty and that did not bode well for my seafood platter.

Seafood Platter $13.99
I am happy to report the seafood platter itself was not salty at all.  The batter actually really good.  The oysters were on the small size but given it's the middle of summer that's no surprise.  The shrimp was a nice size.  What really surprised me what the size of the scallop. I thought it would have been the on the small size but it wasn't.  The scallop was actually pretty big.  I particularly enjoyed the sweet potato fries.  You can tell they're homemade.  It's not as crispy as other places because they typically a good deal thicker. I also like the Sandbar Cafe's tarter and cocktail sauce.  Both appears to be homemade and tasted great.

 I like the Sandbar Cafe.  I think it's a real good deal for your money.  The interior is nothing really to look at so I understand why many of the customers choose to get their food to go instead of hanging out inside.  I just saw a few things from the staff I'm concerned with.  For one, the cook was using his touchscreen phone with the gloves on.  Then, without changing out gloves he goes to prepares food.  Not very hygienic. I know it won't kill me but it will turn others off.  

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