Butch Cassidy's

A diner, drive-in or dive?  Well, I would call this place a straight up dive.  Located on Florida Street, I nearly missed Butch Cassidy's when I went looking for it.  All the negative things you've heard about this place is probably true.  From the horrible parking situation to the long wait for tables but I can overlook it all with some good food and Butch Cassidy's sure did deliver. I had the opportunity to try a few of the menu items because my family and friends doesn't mind me tasting their food so I can review it on my blog.

San Juan Peppers $5.69
As always I get sucked into getting an appetizer even though I know it may make me too full to finish my meal.  This time, I ordered the San Juan Peppers.  It's your regular pickled jalapeno peppers stuffed with crab meat and then deep fried.  The peppers are served with a horseradish sauce.  The amount of crab stuffed in these little guys are amazing.  There are no fillers here just crab.  The horseradish dip isn't bad either.  I enjoyed it immensely.  I think it would have been slightly better if fresh jalapenos were used though.  It would have given it more of a kick.  As is, the delicate crab flavor was slightly over shadowed by the pickled flavor.  Also only 5 comes in an order, that's pretty steep price wise.

Jesse James Sourdough Burger $6.96
I sampled my brother's Jesse James Sourdough burger and it was great. You can tell the burger patty was hand formed and perfectly fit the two slices of sourdough bread.  He ordered it medium and and came out pink in the center.  The entire burger was topped off with some grilled onions; mustard and mayonnaise came on the side. It was well worth the price.  The burger also came with a choice of cole slaw or fries.  He got the fries that was more like potato wedges.  Not even a scrap of food was left on the plate at the end of the meal.

Train Robber Philly
I was torn on what to order but ended up with the Train Robber Philly.  It's about $7.96 but mine ended up to be about $10. The reason?  The waitress asked if I wanted au jus and I said yes. That was $0.69 she didn't mention.  I also upgraded my side to Mac & Cheese for $1.69. The Mac & Cheese was homemade and good but for the price I got a small ramaken.. smaller than the dish of au jus. It's just not a good deal.  I didn't like BC take on the classic Philly.  There's a number of other places in Mobile that makes a better Philly Cheese steak all the way around.

Desperado Chicken Taco Salad
I think the best thing my group ordered was the Desperado Chicken Taco Salad.  This thing is huge!  When I first saw it, I was thinking there was going to be a lot of veggies and not enough chicken.  I was wrong. BC built this thing just like you would loaded nachos.  The wonderfully seasoned chicken was on the bottom, followed by shredded cheese then an array of veggies that include your lettuce, olives, pickled jalapenos and tomatoes.  You have the option of drizzling ranch, salsa or sour cream right over the top.  This is the best taco salad I've had. Loved it.

I have to say I understand why some people complain about the size of this joint.  It's very small and crammed full of tables.  Talk about reaching out and touching someone, here you can just grab the food off their plates.  There's not a lot of place to maneuver and if you have small kids it could get difficult.  However, I did see one or two families with children eating here so they can make it work.  Also the service was ok. Not the best I've ever experience but not as bad as some reviews would lead me to believe.

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